Art you can live in, not just hang on the wall.


It’s private. 

You’re in another world, more Yosemite Valley than Hollywood Hills.

Your own haven of safety and security, on a private street, behind double sets of locked gates.

It takes a few days to get used to the silence.  But then you're spoiled for sleeping anywhere else.

Wind up the long private drive and start to feel the breeze on your face.  What's that noise...just a stone dislodged by a deer, frightened at your footsteps.

It's big.

The living room is 40 feet long.  The dining room seats forty.  The ballroom is the size of an average family home.  Parties for 500 become easy. 

It's really big.

It's cozy. 

Camp out in one of the  five Murphy beds on the sleeping porch. 

Sip a single malt in the billiard room. 

Or enjoy a quiet coffee in the breakfast solarium. 

It's elegant.

Coffered ceilings.  Mahogany paneling.  Silk tapestried walls. Massive Batchelder  fireplaces.  This is what true luxury feels like.



Size – 13,290 sf
Length – 118'
Depth – 65'
Height –  35'
Bedrooms – 8
Master suites – 2
Bathrooms – 7
– 6


Main house
Carriage house
Gate house
Fireplace pavilion


Upper terrace
Ballroom terrace
Sleeping porches
Fishpond patio
Kitchen patio
Carriage house patio